Opinie o Nas


Our company cares not only about athletes, but also about people who are not physically active. We offer diet supplements to customers of all ages, along with prophylactic and medical products, including:

  • Vitamins and minerals, micro- and macronutrients;
  • Herbal and mushroom extracts, probiotics, aminoacids – including Pau D'arco, Cat's Claw, Candida Clear, reishi mushroom;
  • Antitoxins and antioxidants;
  • Heart and circulatory system supplements – acid oils (omega 3, omega 3-6-9, ALA, krill oil);
  • L-arginine, magnesium, iron, Q10 coenzyme, potassium;
  • Supplements free of pigments, sweeteners or preservatives, i.e. natural soya and whey protein;
  • Medicines for joints, bones, and ligaments – glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, MSM, calcium, hyaluronic acid, shark cartilage;
  • A mixture of active ingredients for hair, skin, and nails (including hyaluronic acid, beta-carotene, horsetail and nettle extracts).

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