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  • VITA-MIN MULTIPLE SPORT ® VITA – PLEX SPORT® & CHELA-MIN SPORT   2-component food supplement in capsules, with vitamins and minerals – designed for sportsmen.

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  • An energy gel with gradual energy release. It contains a special type of carbohydrate - isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) which is distinguished by its gradual absorbency and high energy potential without increasing osmolality. It is ideal for energy supply during intensive physical activity (fast absorbency, it does not cause any digestive problems).

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    A refreshing ready-to-drink beverage with a high content of L-carnitine. Sugar-free. It is ideal for fluid intake during physical activity; it helps to burn fat and shape your body.

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  • PowerBar Energize Bar jest szczególnie zalecany przed wysiłkiem fizycznym oraz w trakcie treningu. Produkt dostarcza do organizmu węglowodany w formule C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix, której skuteczność w zakresie podniesienia zdolności wysiłkowych, została potwierdzona na drodze naukowej.Owocowe warianty smakowe dostępne są w opcji 55 g, natomiast klasyczne...

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  • GLUTAMINE MEGA CAPS®/MEGA CAPSULES® jest preparatem, który zawiera 100%-ową farmaceutyczną, mikronizowaną postać glutaminy-aminokwasu występującego w dużym stężeniu w mięśniach oraz plaźmie. Glutamina jest najważniejszym aminokwasem dla adaptacji tkanki mięśniowej.

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  • It is the world's first energizing gel based on a formula Vitargo - a unique combination of carbohydrates, which provide quick energy supply working muscles. Vitargo Gel is an excellent addition to a sports drink Vitargo. In situations where you can not reach for a drink, gel Vitargo effectively helps the body by providing it with energy.

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  • Izolat 97% - Jest jednym z najlepszych preparatów wysokobiałkowych w swej klasie dostępnych obecnie na rynku. W swoim składzie zawiera 100 proc. izolatu białek serwatkowych, o stężeniu białka 97 proc. Czyni to go liderem pod względem zawartości białka, a zarazem ekonomiczności!

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    Vitargo is a revolutionary life source of energy that is used amongst Olympic athletes, medical professionals and millions of people wanting to improve their health, fitness and appearance goals.

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  • Support For Athletes!Product designed for athletes.Helps to supplement vital nutrients.Two-phase formula – day and night supplementation!

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An endurance sport, with the priority on regenerating muscle glycogen (energy reserves in your body). Dedicated supplements are categorized based on their functions:

Stimulation and pre-training adaptation

  • Energy supplements: ginseng, caffeine, guarana, taurine;
  • Beta-alanine – lowers the lactic acid level, allowing for longer, more efficient training sessions;
  • Creatine – allows additional energy to be delivered to muscles;
  • Arginine, citrulline, agmatine – expand blood vessels, increasing the nitrogen oxide level, boosting endurance and efficiency;
  • L-carnitine – activates the process of utilizing fat as muscle energy source.

Increasing training endurance

  • Carbohydrates (Carbo, isotonic drinks, Vitargo, gels, energy bars) – provide the proper hydration level, supplementing and keeping the high glycogen level. Used as an energy source.

Post-training regeneration:

  • BCAA (exogenic aminoacids) – not produced by the human body, meaning they have to come from food or supplements. Their presence allows for a quick regeneration of damaged muscle fibres.
  • L-glutamine (endogenic aminoacid) – a basic aminoacid. The human body does produce it, but it is rapidly used up during physical activity. Supplementing the deficit is recommended, as the substance has an anti-catabolic effect (protecting the muscles), staves off tiredness, and improves the immune system.
  • Vitamins and minerals – they ensure that all important internal processes are handled correctly.

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