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Strefa Mocy is the largest chain of stores in Warsaw specializing in nutrients, dietary supplements and health preparations. We have been operating since 1999, offering not only sales but also active consultancy in the field of nutrition and training. Training accessories, shakers, nutrients, vitamins, supplements - all this can also be found in our online store.

Regardless of the discipline you train - running, cycling, bodybuilding, crossfit, or maybe climbing? - You will definitely find supplements and nutrients that will make your sports successes appear faster and easier. Or maybe you are doing a figure for the summer or you want to lose weight for health and well-being? Our advisers, including experienced trainers and nutritionists, will definitely know how to help you!

Remember that a properly selected diet and supplementation are equally important for achieving your sport or body goal. We invite you to our stationary stores and to contact our Customer Service - we will be happy to help you choose vitamins, good protein, BCAA amino acids, creatine and other less popular and effective supplements. If you need training gloves, exercise elastics or a bodybuilding belt - we also recommend our offer!

We opened our first branch at Al. Solidarności in Warsaw, Strefa Mocy, however, is not just a store with dietary supplements and training accessories. If you organize a sporting event, competition, company integration or other event in which we could help you - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the 'events' page and contact us! We will also be happy to prepare a training - or training package - in the field of dietetics, supplementation or training especially for your team.