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Nutrition and supplementation for children below the age of 15 necessitates a different, specific approach, as the body, the nervous system, and some physical and mental features are still not fully formed at this point. A young athlete's diet may be supplemented with:

  • Vitamins and minerals – they ensure that all important internal processes are handled correctly. Parents should pay attention to concentration of particular micronutrients.
  • Isotonic drinks – responsible for hydration and keeping the proper energy level.

Supplements that may be used periodically for older children:

  • Supplements improving endurance and efficiency: caffeine, guarana, taurine, L-carnitine;
  • Creatine – increasing strength, supplying muscles with additional energy;
  • Branched-chain aminoacids (BCAA) – improve the regeneration rate, may serve as an additional energy source.

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